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New Bedford Educators Association

12/20/2010   State Ethics Commission update

12/16/2010 New State Ethics Regulations on Gift Giving & Acceptance
                       Lou's Letter to Members Regarding Gift Giving

12/13/2010 Parker Street Waste Site: Update on EPA Activities 

12/6/2010   Parker Street Waste Site:  Update on EPA activities

12/3/2010   Massachusetts Department of Health's response to "CLEAN's" request for information regarding the Keith Middle School Fire.

12/1/2010    Statewide Election for Representative for Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System

12/1/2010    Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill

11/24/2010  Thanksgiving Dismissal Schedule

11/5/2010   American Education Week Giveaway

11/1/2010   Parker Street Waste Site Update

10/8/2010   What is Question 3?

9/22/2010  Parker Street Waste Site Public Information Plan Meeting (PIP) Summary

9/20/2010   School Committee Update

                 Aug. 30 Orientation Day and Aug. 31 PD Day Information

8/5/2010     NBEA membership voted to reject any monetary concessions for the 2010-2011 contract year.

8/5/2010     General Membership Meeting at Keith Middle School  from 3:00 - 5:00 pm

7/12/2010   School Committee 7/12/2010 Update

6/29/2010   School Committee Meeting 6/28/2010 Update

6/22/2010   Update: State budget cuts funding but leaves municipal health insurance unchanged

6/22/2010   Staff Return Schedule

6/17/2010   Update: NBPS Budget Cuts

6/14/2010   Advanced Placement Grievance Update

6/14/2010    PCB Update
6/10/2010   DPH Status Update

6/11/2010   Early Retirement Information - Calls Needed

June 10, 2010 - NBHS Meeting Regarding Parker Street Waste Site

6/1/2010      Urgent Action Needed on Health Insurance!

May 24, 2010 - MTA Board votes to support Race to the Top application

5/5/2010  Lou St. John's Letter on behalf of the NBEA Board of Directors inviting Members to attend the May 10th School Committee Meeting.

5/3/2010 Anne Simon's Letter to Lou St. John in support of Superintendent Mary Louise Francis
                  Anne Simon's Petition to the School Committee

5/6/2010  Governor Deval Patrick to Meet with Teachers on May 12 in Fall River.  Click here for more information.
                    Click here for directions to Kuss Middle School in Fall River.

5/6/2010 There will be a Legislative Meeting at Keith Middle School on Wednesday, May 19, 2010. Click here for more information. Update: This meeting has been canceled.

The Survey Deadline Has Been Extended
4/1/2010 NBEA Survey
Explanation of Survey

4/13/2010 Lou St. John's Letter to Standard Times

4/9/2010  Sadly, Bonner must go
4/8/2010  School board mulls action against Portia Selene Bonner.
4/8/2010  Non-renewal of Dutra's contract unjust
4/7/2010  School Superintendent Dr. Portia S. Bonner won't seek contract extension

4/1/2010 NBEA Survey
Explanation of Survey

4/1/2010 The next PIP Meeting will be on April 12, 2010.  It will take place at Keith Middle School. The meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. Lou St. John's letter to members regarding this meeting.

3/29/2010  Message from Commissioner Mitchell Chester on RTTT

3/10/2010  New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park is seeking qualified teacher applicants from New Bedford Public Schools for its initial eight-week Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program this summer. Candidates must have strong backgrounds in science, math or history.

3/5/2010  MTA is fighting to make sure that any change in municipal health insurance includes collective bargaining and gives a voice to retirees in decisions about their health insurance.

3/4/2010  Lou St John's Letter to Members Regarding Parker School

EPA Meeting at Keith - March 10, 2010

2/05/2010 PCB Update

Analytical Results for Groundwater Samples -- January 2010

Race to the Top Information

1/15/2010  MTA Calls Ed. Reform Bill Flawed

1/13/2010  Lou St. John's letter to Councilor Martins thanking him for his  Support of Collective Bargaining.
1/13/2010  Lou St. John's letter to the State Senator Montigny, House Representatives Robert Koczera, Stephen Canessa, Antonio Cabral,   and John Quinn thanking them for their  Support of Collective Bargaining.

1/13/2010  Lou St. John's letter to the City Council thanking them for their  Support of Collective Bargaining.

1/4/2010    Lou St. John's  Letter to local State Representatives regarding Education Reform Bill 2009.

1/4/2010    Education Reform Bill 2009  Update.

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