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New Bedford Educators Association

12/11/2013   Assaults and Incidents at New Bedford High School - Police Reports

12/13/2013   General Meeting for Unit A Members

Retell Update 6/10/2013

Retell Update  - The attached document is our new interactive RETELL folder that members should use in determining if they must attain the Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Endorsement for their license.  The folder provides guidance about the SEI Endorsement and walks the educator through a series of questions to help understand what each is required to do and by when.
The educator should:
1.      Open the interactive PDF folder.
2.      Save it on their own computer in a file called SEI Endorsement.
3.      Complete the folder.
4.      Save the completed folder.
5.      Scan copies of documentation to support course completion, category training, etc.
6.      Save scanned copies in SEI Endorsement file.

1/10/2013   RETELL in a Nutshell
A a one-page summary of the new state regulations requiring certain teachers and administrators to obtain a Sheltered English Immersion endorsement on their licenses. These regulations stem from a ruling by the U.S. Department of Justice that Massachusetts has been violating the civil rights of English Language Learner students by failing to ensure that their teachers are adequately trained in SEI.

10/1/2013  Thanksgiving Dismissal Schedule

11/22/2013  Important memorandum from Deputy Commissioner Jeff Wulfson regarding the implementation of the new requirement for national background checks for employees of K-12 public and private schools.

10/24/2013 NBEA Statement on Parker School .... by Lou St John
10/24/2013 Parker School Accountability Data

Mr. Josh Amaral's responses to NBEA - School Committee Candidate Questionnaire.

Mr. Christopher Cotter's responses to NBEA - School Committee Candidate Questionnaire.

Dr. Larry Finnerty's responses to NBEA - School Committee Candidate Questionnaire.
Mr. Michael Janson's responses to NBEA - School Committee Candidate Questionnaire.

Ms. Maria Mojica-Mosquea's responses to NBEA  - School Committee Candidate Questionnaire.

Mr. Bruce Oliveira's responses to NBEA  - School Committee Candidate Questionnaire.

Mr. Brian Pastori's responses to NBEA  - School Committee Candidate Questionnaire.

10/1/2013    We will survive

9/27/2013    Educator License

8/26/ 2013   District Professional Development Day Schedule

NBPS Staff Return Schedule

4/2/2013      RETELL instructor recruitment flyer

3/11/2013   Global Learning Charter School Salary Data 2013
According to Steve Furtado Jr, in response to our question about Dr. Furtado's FY'13 projected salary, his scheduled work week is 2.5 days, which projects to $52,000 in total.  

4/21/2013   Global Learning Charter School Salary Data 2012

3/11/2013   City on Hill Charter Application
1/11/2013   Mayor Mitchell urges Commissioner Mitchell Chester not to grant a charter to City on a Hill
12/5/2012   City on a Hill Charter School Enrollment / Drop Out Data
                       Out of School Suspension Rate

2/22/2013    Letter to Mr. Shea requesting information relative to the proposed Innovation Schools
1/14/2013    DESE's Response to the MTA Legal Opinion below
12/15/2012  Legal opinion on the Meaning and Intent of "Conversion"  vs. "New" Innovation Schools.
1/4/2012      Renaissance Innovation School Plan (Final)
1/4/2012      Esperanza Innovation School Plan (Final)

2/22/2013   DESE guidelines--Gender identity

2/15/2013  The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Health, has finalized the health consultation report evaluating New Bedford High School.   For questions regarding this report, please call (617) 624-5757.    Click here to read the report.

1/16/2013    Educator Panel Discussion on the new Educator Evaluation
1/10/2013    VIVA: Is a report containing teacher recommendations on how to narrow student achievement gaps. It is based on suggestions by MTA members in 26 urban districts and is being released this week.

State Ethics Regulations on Gift Giving & Acceptance
Lou's Letter to Members Regarding Gift Giving
Public School Teacher FAQs on the Conflict of Interest Law

Dismissal Times – Early Dismissal – Snow Emergencies
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