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State Ethics Regulations on Gift Giving & Acceptance
Lou's Letter to Members Regarding Gift Giving
Public School Teacher FAQs on the Conflict of Interest Law

12/15/2012  Legal opinion on the Meaning and Intent of "Conversion"  vs. "New" Innovation Schools.

12/5/2012    Lou St. John's testimony on City on a Hill Charter School
                       City on a Hill Charter School Enrollment / Drop Out Data
                       Out of School Suspension Rate

11/5/2012    Dismissal times for the day before Thanksgiving

10/15/2012  Lou St. John's Comments to the New Bedford School Committee Regarding Innovation Schools

10/1/2012     Innovation Schools Will Harm the New Bedford School System

10/13/2012   The Assault on Public Education: The Corporate Agenda
Join us on October 13, 2012 as we discuss and form strategy to confront the privatization of public education.

9/10/2012    Innovation Schools would create separation, and separation is not equality.

9/10/2012    St. John Votes Against Not So "Innovative Schools"

8/27/2012    City on a Hill Charter School Enrollment / Drop Out Data

8/27/2012    Global Learning Charter School Enrollment Data

8/27/2012   Renaissance Innovation School Prospectus

8/27/2012    Esperanza Innovation School Prospectus

8/27/2012    Retirement Buyback Deadline

7/18/2012  Sampling Results for the Keith Middle School - The April 2012 vent stack and indoor air sampling results report for Keith Middle School is now available through the City of New Bedford’s Parker Street Waste Site website, Keith Middle School page.  A direct link to the report has also been included below.
Vent Stack & Indoor Air Sampling Results (TRC and BETA) Sampling Results April, 2012 Vent Stack & Indoor Air for PCBs & VOCs (TRC)

April 2012    Public Involvement Plan - Parker Street Waste Site
May 2012     NBEA Comments regarding the plan
May 2012     TASC Comments regarding the plan

6/19/2012   New Bedford Turnaround Plan
6/19/2012   Strategic Objectives Cycle Overview

6/19/2012   Proposed Regulations Summary  - Sheltered English Immersion Teacher Endorsement

6/11/2012    Return to School Schedule

5/31/2012    BCC Computer Programming Contest Results by Mr. Bosworth, M.Ed. and Mr. Houtman

5/21/2012    Last Day of School Schedule

5/8/2012      How much has YOUR community lost in local aid?

5/14/2012    From the Mayflower Compact to the Declaration of Independence   by Susan Kiley

5/9/2012     NBHS provides opportunities for academic success by Carol Strupczewski

5/8/2012      Mrs. Santos's Class goes to the State House

5/8/2012      New Bedford Mayor, Superintendent come to terms |

5/8/2012      Tell Stand to Sit Down!

5/8/2012      Stand for Children Ballot Initiative will harm our members

5/2/2012      Teachers inspire their students to be lifelong readers   by Pamela Oliveira

4/30/2012   Congratulations to the Robotics Class in the Engineering Academy at New Bedford High School!

4/30/2012   Homework Helpers Television Program

4/30/ 2012  Today was a really great day to be a teacher.     by Mary Crapo-Pereira

4/30/2012  The next Public Involvement Plan Meeting for the Parker Street Waste Site
will be on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 6:00-9:00 p.m. at Keith Middle School.

4/26/2012   Lou St. John's Letter to the NBEA Membership

3/28/2012   Sampling Results for the Keith Middle School Foundation
Vent Stack and Indoor Air for Polychlorinated Biphenyls
and Volatile Organic Compounds

3/23/2012   Supporting Teachers and Students Will Improve Our Schools by Nicholas J. Salmon III  &   Joseph F. Twomey

3/14/2012   NBPS Policy to Address Workplace Bullying

3/7/2012     Heck No, We Won't Go! - Lou St. John’s response to an invitation to attend a UIA sponsored event

3/4/2012     Mayor Mitchell needs to focus on all of New Bedford's Schools - submitted by Eddie L. Johnson

3/2/2012     A Letter to Mayor Mitchell from Carol Strupczewski

2/29/2012   "Parents are the first teachers of children" - submitted by a member

3/5/2012     New Bedford High School teams up with National Academy Foundation to create the Academy of Engineering

3/2/2012     MTA Reporter - The voice of retired MTA retired members

2/28/2012   Parents are the first teachers

2/27/2012   Feedback Sessions: Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Francis, announces  feedback sessions to obtain input from school department staff

2/27/2012   MDPH Letter about NBHS univent oxidation issue

2/24/2011   Negativity is harming our school system

2/23/2012   The Truth Behind Stand for Children

2/23/2012   Stand for Children - Public face hides real agenda

2/23/2012  New Bedford Public Schools is Moving Forward: submitted by Eddie Johnson

2/21/2012  The dangerous "innovation" behind small autonomous schools

2/17/2012  Lou St. John's letter regarding the UIA Autonomous Schools Proposal: A Trojan Horse that would introduce six quasi-charter schools

2/17/2012  House Bill 739: This bill would allow teachers to "buy back" up to four years of creditable service for time teaching in a non-public school.

Mayor to host a series of public meetings

Feb. 15, 2012 - Roosevelt Middle School, 119 Frederick St.

March 1, 2012 - Keith Middle School, 225 Hathaway Blvd.

March 13,  2012 -Normandin Middle School, 81 Felton St.

The meetings will run from 6:30-8 p.m.

2/10/2012  Graduation Rate Report (DISTRICT) - Massachusetts Directory Profiles

2/7/2012     Letter from Scott W. Lang to Paul Reville regarding Commissioner Chester

2/6/2012    District Learning Walk Protocol

2/3/2012     Mandatory State Ethics Online Test


1/24/2012   United Interfaith Action's Small Autonomous Schools Proposal

1/23/2012   MTA Files Suit Against Stand Ballot Question

1/17/2012   The Massachusetts Model System for Educator Evaluation

1/16/2012    Bargain, or face the ballot

1/15/2012    Voke schools manage to avoid retention issues  Standard Times

1/15/2012    Educators struggle to reduce number of students held back from year to year Standard Times

1/15/2012    Targeting high retention rates can lead to succes  (SIC)  Standard Times

1/13/2012    Charter Schools don't measure up to conventional schools: Submitted by Eddie L. Johnson

State Ethics Regulations on Gift Giving & Acceptance
Lou's Letter to Members Regarding Gift Giving

Dismissal Times – Early Dismissal – Snow Emergencies
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My Backyard: New Bedford Waterfront

Episode of "My Backyard" featuring the New Bedford waterfront. The song "Out to the Sea" which is featured in the video, was created by the Youth Ambassador Program.
Credit / Author: Park Stewards   
Date Created: 2011-12-22